• Solve Problems. Fix Things.

    Hey--I'm Marvin Mathew.


    My priority is building a better world. To achieve that, I'm working on:

    • Fostering innovation.
    • Advancing meaningful technology.
    • Being a better human/friend/peer 
    While I see smarter business as the vehicle for change, I appreciate staying involved in policy and social issues through advisory & capital.
    That's me.
    Tell me--who are you and how can I help you?
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  • Marvin Mathew for Opportunity Nation
    Marvin Mathew University of Maryland
    Marvin Mathew highlighted for Sports Diplomacy
  • Places I've been//Things I've done

    Taking Ideas to Reality

    Startup M/IG

    Mission: Accelerate marketing & operations for epic brands

    HQ: New York City

    Clients: Global


    Full-Service Digital Agency for Startups.


    Specialized in building products.



    Grynek (acquired)

    Clean-Technology Startup 

    North Carolina, United States


    Grynek automates triaging electronic waste recyclers- increasing volume and hard processing power of e-recyclers.


    Cofounder//Product Management, Business Development


    Mission: Global education and Cultural experiences through sports

    BridgeSport is sports diplomacy.
    BridgeSport targets study abroads from the US and provides them a sports based platform to mentor children in their study abroad city, everybody grows, everybody benefits.
    • Over 300 Students and youth since inception. 
    • Increased collaboration between Study Abroad Students & Local Youth
    • Stronger University relationships with the local community
    Founder. Passed on leadership in 2014.
    Mission: Integrated grasstops community driven  solutions
    NY | MD

    Roundtable Solutions bring politicians, business leaders, everyday citizens, and students. Issues are heard, discussed, and innovative solutions found.
    Impact: community organized book drive resulting in over 4,000 books being delivered to four organizations working on early childhood education.  
    Support has come from many places including Senator Carlucci's office, Opportunity Nation and Governor O'Malleys office.

    Organizer. Project end in 2013
    Mission: Bring clean water to those without it
    Pétionville, Haiti | NY

    Water Justice Alliance helped mobilize clean water resources for Haiti through the power of students, universities, and organizations partnering.
    I traveled across the country to fundraise for this effort-literally, East to West coast.

    A commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative University, Rotary Partner. Passed leadership on in 2011.
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