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Personal Growth

Life  is simpler  to understand; more challenging to communicate. Here's a stab on mine for this Summer 2021 moment:  

Big Bets

  • The right groups at the right moments will see the value of my experience more preciently than the unorthodox manner they have been stitched together 
  • My many hops between corporate/startup and agency/in-house will be a net gain on my toolbox of skills, ability, relationship web
  • Time Spent working on projects will increase over time (avg today 2 years) 


  • Your 
  • Direct Boss is the biggest reason for why you thrive or why you die at work. Focusing here unlocks more for you overtime than any one thing. (DM)
  • Leveraged Bets: spend your time working on things that have a long horizon and where a casual compounding affect means improves upside 
  • (relationships, learning, knowledge, application, experiences, failure, writing, reading a new book, spending time with someone you love)
  • Work Backwards. 
  • You have two eyes, two ears, two hands and one mouth. Act accordingly. (AB)


  • You never arrive--you are always arriving. (AN)
  • Writing will unlock everything else. Reading is fundamental. 
  • Stay Ready so you don't have to Get Ready (JO)
  • Keep it simple stupid (AD)
  • Shit or get off the pot. (AW)
  • Work for people, not brands. (SK)
  • Anyday above ground is a good day. (JB)