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Product Growth

Doing the right thing at the right time

I spent this evening with the team at FundraiseUp, a tech-startup in Brooklyn, NY that is optimizing online donor experiences for non-profit organizations. What I appreciate about them is their work on making good happen through better software experiences. They are effectively building an optimization system for donation-checkout. The impact of their work is that more kids get fed, more children stay in homes and more people get access to clean drinking water.

One of the things that really stuck out to me in my conversations with the founders is

1. Laser focus on what's mission critical

2. Doing things based on where we are as a company

Laser focus is tough to do. Often we go a few different directions. This can really take us off our game. Doing things based on where we are vs where we want to be is another way to help that laser focus. If you focus on where you are--you are staying in the present. Handle the problem in front of you, don't take on problems that don't need your immediate attention. This helps you keep oxygen and energy for the things that can really move the needle.

Over the last year I have worked to set up the optimization and A/B program at a Fortune 100 Global FinTech Company. This is no easy feat, but it's good to know that when our tech works better it also helps groups like Fundraise Up process more money---in turn doing more good in the world.

Tonight FundraiseUp closed their Series A round and I was able to join the team as they celebrated and took note. A wonderful evening. And an exciting night for the notion of doing good + doing well.